I am grateful and humbled by the support of my valued clients, incredible team and dedicated students. Your energy, passion and commitment keeps me inspired - and allows me to live a ViviD life.

A mover and shaker in this dynamic industry, Diana Vivi’s vision for ViviD Salon was fostered on a foundation that spans over 2 decades and around the world. 


For Diana, the old adage, “I dream in colour” spoke true to a burning desire in her heart. Building  an engaging salon space for clients to receive customized hair treatments was always top of mind. At the same time, developing a series of in-house colour curriculum for industry professionals to channel their own creativity and passion for their craft, was the out of the box thinking that has been so integral to her success as an industry leader, business owner and celebrated educator. 


Thriving on new techniques, personal mastery and inspiring those around her, Diana’s strong work ethic is fundamentally rooted in continuously becoming the best version of herself and paying it forward.


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